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Save Jurupa Valley

What would happen if you became a city and then the state took away 47% of your first year revenue? As impossible as this scenario sounds, that is what happened to California’s newest city, Jurupa Valley.

On June 29th, 2011, just two days before we officially incorporated, California lawmakers voted to divert millions of dollars in vehicle license fees, which should have gone to cities in California. For older cities this was another hit they had to absorb. For Jurupa Valley this was a potential death blow. In our first year alone, Jurupa Valley lost 47% of its budget, a total of $6.7 million.

It took many meetings between our city representatives and state lawmakers to even make the state understand the ruinous impact this diversion of funds had on Jurupa Valley. A bill that would have restored a portion of that lost money won approval in the legislature this past August but was vetoed by the governor in mid-September.

Why does this matter? In March 2011 our communities came together and voted to incorporate. We officially became the City of Jurupa Valley on July 1, 2011. Becoming a city allowed our residents to have local control over our safety, security, planning and zoning. It matters because Cityhood allowed our over 96,000 residents to have a voice in retaining our rural atmosphere, in deciding our own future, and gave us a place at the table on many local and regional boards and commissions. Jurupa Valley is now facing a devastating financial crisis. This crisis is not due to mismanagement of money and the city is not able to declare bankruptcy because it has no debt.

The Save Jurupa Valley Committee is a grassroots organization of concerned residents who have come together to try to help our city weather this crisis. We are asking for donations, 100% of which will be given to the City of Jurupa Valley. We are a nonprofit organization (501) (c) (3).

What can you do? Donate whatever amount you would like. Donations of $250 or more will be honored in a permanent display here in Jurupa Valley.

Community Meeting

Save Jurupa Valley Community Meeting

Save Jurupa Valley is pleased to announce the first in a series of ongoing community meetings to help the residents of Jurupa Valley stay informed about their city. On Tuesday June 11th, 2013 7:00 - 8:30, a representative from the Riverside County Sheriff´s Department, which provides law enforcement services to the City of Jurupa Valley, will provide a short presentation and then take questions from community members. The meeting will be held at Veterans Memorial Hall, 4393 Riverview Drive. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Save Jurupa Valley feels that the more that people know about their city the more they will appreciate the benefits of cityhood.

Community Meeting June 11, 2013


History of Jurupa Valley

The Jurupa area is located in the upper western corner of Riverside County, California, north and west of the Santa Ana River and south of the San Bernardino/Riverside County line. Before there were the cities of Riverside, Corona or Norco, there was the Rancho Jurupa. In the late 1800s the Jurupa Valley area began to live in the shadow of the more well-known and incorporated City of Riverside. Much of the Jurupa Valley area has a Riverside mailing address. Yet, settlement of the area in and around what is now Riverside actually began in Jurupa Valley many years before Riverside’s founding.

The name “Jurupa” is derived from the languages of the first inhabitants of the area, the Native Americans who called Jurupa Valley home. Our area lies at the intersection of the territories of at least two different tribes. Research indicates that the root of the word is Gabrielino and the ending of the word that makes it a place name is Serrano. It is appropriate that the name Jurupa reflects that dual heritage. Over the years, three different meanings of Jurupa have been proposed. The most romantic but least likely is that Jurupa was a greeting made by a chief to the first padre that entered the area. This greeting was supposed to have meant “peace and friendship.” A second theory was put forth by Father Juan Caballeria, who studied the San Bernardino area Indian languages and wrote in 1902 that each of the mission rancherias had a name that suggested the place where is was located. “Jurumpa,” as he spelled it, meant “water place.” The third and most likely theory is that Jurupa originated from the term for an aromatic plant common to the area, now known as California Sagebrush.

Jurupa Valley was always a more rural area. Scattered around were small communities such as West Riverside, Mira Loma, Glen Avon, Belltown, Crestmore Heights, Sunnyslope, and Pedley. Between these communities was open and agricultural land with scattered homes and farms. Through the years as Jurupa has been further developed, those open and agricultural lands have been subdivided and the dividing lines between the communities have blurred. However, community distinctions still remain and newer areas such as Jurupa Hills, Indian Hills, and Sky Country have joined the older communities. In spite of development, Jurupa Valley still retains a rural atmosphere. Many areas have lot sizes that allow horses. Horse riders throughout Jurupa enjoy the close proximity of the trails in the Santa Ana River bottom. Animal keeping is still common in some areas.

Many times throughout the years the residents of Jurupa Valley considered incorporation. However, the idea only managed to come to vote one time in the late 1980s. That incorporation effort failed at the ballot box. In 2006 a new incorporation effort was begun. The Jurupa Valley Incorporation Research Committee was formed to explore the viability of incorporation. Money was raised and studies were done. In March 2011 a special election was held and, for the first time in its over 100 year history, Jurupa Valley voted for incorporation. It officially became California's newest city on July 1, 2011.

Mission Statement

JVCF Mission Statement

Save Jurupa Valley is a grass roots, community based organization whose purpose is raise money for donation to the City of Jurupa Valley. This will allow Jurupa Valley to say viable while seeking to negotiate with the State of California for the return of the improperly taken funds.

Donation Rules


These are our rules by which we will accept, transfer, and acknowledge your donations. We want you the donor to know what will be done with your money or pledges. Please let us know if you have any questions about our donation rules.

a. 100% of donated funds will be given to the City of Jurupa Valley, unless otherwise designated for Save Jurupa Valley operating expenses by the donor.

b. Money raised by fundraisers may be used for operating expenses or may be given to the city of Jurupa Valley. Planned use of the money will be clearly stated at the fundraiser and on all promotional materials.

c. If the State of California returns the needed funds back to the City of Jurupa Valley, all donations not already given to the City of Jurupa Valley, or the unused prorated share, will be returned to the donor if requested.

d. Pledges will be requested to be paid at some point between January 1, 2013 and May 31, 2013 if needed to sustain the City of Jurupa Valley. If only a portion of the pledged money is needed, the pledges will be requested to be paid on a prorated basis.

e. For the purposes of determining plaque memorization for donors, donations of merchandise, gift cards, or other items to be used for fundraisers, auctions, etc… will be treated as is if were a cash donation.

f. Any donations given which are not needed by the City of Jurupa Valley due to the return of state funding and which cannot be returned to their owner will be donated to the City of Jurupa Valley.

g. Donations of $250 or more will be honored by a permanent display in Jurupa Valley.

Donation Information

Donations and Pledges

Save Jurupa Valley is committed to helping our city survive this financial crisis. We are asking you to help us with this task. Any donation you give to Save Jurupa Valley will be given to Jurupa Valley to help it weather the state imposed financial crisis. If you decide to make a pledge you will be called upon to give Save Jurupa Valley the pledged amount if the city is not able to convince the State of California to return our money by June 1, 2013 or if the money received from the state is not adequate to sustain the city.

Just $250 a household or $70 a person from the citizens of Jurupa Valley will cover the 6.7 million the state took from us out first year and go a long way to helping our city survive. But you don't have to be a citizen of our city to donate. If you want to help Jurupa Valley, wherever you live, please consider helping by pledging or donating. Visit our contact page for donation and pledging information. Thank you!

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